The list_xxx functions can be used to loop over all items on a map. list_begin takes an argument telling sfall what you want to list. (Defined in sfall.h) It returns a list pointer, which you iterate through with list_next. Finally, when you’ve finished with the list use list_end on it. Not calling list_end will result in a memory leak. Alternatively, use list_as_array to get the whole list at once as a temp array variable, which can be looped over using len_array and which you don’t need to remember to free afterwards.


array list_as_array(int type)


int list_begin(int type)


void list_end(int listid)


int list_next(int listid)


array party_member_list(int includeHidden)

Returns array of all current party members. 0 - only critter-type, alive and visible will be returned, 1 - all object, including Trunk, etc.